Fire Department Floors

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Artistic Epoxy Staining, Stamped Polymer Overlays, Custom Designing

Decorative Garage and Basement

We specialize in:   Epoxy Floor Systems

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Vinyl Chip Systems,  Random Chip Inlays, Outdoor Quartz, Polymer Stained Overlay Systems

Residential Garages/Driveways

Industrial Containment

Commercial Kitchens

Epoxy Floor Systems

Cost Effective Warehouse Sealing and Epoxy coatings (10 years after install)

Medical and Educational facilities and Institutions

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Many Uses

  • Broadcast Chip and Color Quartz Flooring

  • Elite Decorative Reflector Flooring

  • Floor Prep, Shot Blasting, Polishing

  • Decorative Stains and Overlays

  • Crack and Wall Repair

  • FDA and USDA Approved Flooring

  • Paper Mills

  • Show Rooms

  • Showrooms

  • Aircraft Hangars

  • Dairies

  • Garages

We Install in all 50 States NATIONWIDE

Pool Deck and Sidewalk Restoration

  • Fire Departments

  • Packaging Areas

  • Kitchens

  • Warehouses

  • Pharmaceutical Plants

  • Breweries

130,000 Square Feet - Three Days - No Problem

Reflector Enhancer (Specialty)

Professional Applications

Solid Color Full System Epoxy Floors

  • Food Processors

  • Work Shops

  • Locker and Shower Areas

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Meat Prep Facilities

  • Out Door Sidewalks

Military/Government Air plane hangers 


Color Quartz with Custom Logo

  • Cost Effective Epoxy/  Urethane Flooring

  • Chemical Resistant Polymer Coatings

  • Urethane Mortar and Hybrid Flooring

  • Electro Static Disipative and Conductive Flooring

  • Waterproofing and Concrete Sealers

  • Epoxy and Polymer Wall Systems

Full Vinyl Chip Floors